“There’s never an easy route to the things that matter.” ― Charles de Lint

“I have walked around the same streets so many times, and then seen a place that had been hidden to me. I now know the sites in a way that makes me think I could have made better use of the connections between place and snowball.” — Andy Goldsworthy

Thank for stopping by to learn a little about me, and what I do on a day to day basis.

First, my name is Kim, and I live with my “tribe” which consists of: 1 husband, some kids, 5 cats, 1 dog, and whatever wild thing happens to appear from the forest behind us. We live in a eclectic house, on a small plot of land (2 acres), somewhere near Louisville, Kentucky. Our life is as simple as it can be, and we do not engage, or allow, lifestyle dogma/drama to bring chaos to our presence.

Here are some bullet points – mostly because I like them. Ellipses are also magnificent. . .but I digress.

  • For fun and profit I’m a professional artist, photographer, author, and storyteller. My life is filled with creativity, teaching, and staying close to what makes my soul happy.
  • My life is fluid, and I’m always learning. This makes me prone to flights of fancy, with dramatic dips into whimsy. I love sharing parts of my life with the world, and integrate my sense of wonder into my work with clients. I’m always enrolled in some kind of class or workshop.
  • In my walk I’ve won awards and things for my creative side, with my photography and artwork displayed around the world. There are over 500 original pieces in the hands of magnificent people from all walks of life.
  • Every so often I win a poetry competition or two, and I have a self-published book in print on Amazon.
  • My spiritual life is very important to me, and I don’t tolerate anyone who wants to bash someone’s faith system. As Ram Dass said, we truly are just walking each other home.
  • It’s been verified by several sources that I am, in fact, a weird lady down the street.

No one has all the answers, and we have barely scratched the surface on what it means to be human. Life’s too short to give your energy to those who don’t appreciate it.

Keep shining, and keep being awesome!

Much love,
~ Kim

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