twenty, twenty, too

Greetings and welcome to twenty, twenty, too. It’s nice to see all y’all, and to know that folks still read blogs.

This Summer I turned 50, and thought I’d found myself. Not that I was lost, mind you, but rather my journey in life gave me the illusion of having arrived at some fixed point in the ”rite of passage” food chain.

There are things that no one tells you about turning one half a century old. Not in a mean way, it’s just that the experience doesn’t always translate well. However, if you mention your age to others, those older than you – if even by a few days – will say, ”Oh, yes…I remember turning that age.”

In short it brought a questioning of everything held dear by my Ego. It would take four different blogs to even begin to explain what I mean with that sentence, but goodness knows I’ve no time for that. Really, I don’t think anyone does…but I digress.

The Great Testing(s) arrived like those fairies in Cinderella – and lurking behind those were all the Shadowy Weird Things that had been waiting for me to slow down a bit. Every little memory, of any action from the past, displayed themselves like a mix of fever dreams and Mickey’s experience as the Sorcerer’s Apprentice. That one time I stuck my tongue out at some kids on the bus – there it was. It was this odd version of a fearless moral inventory having dinner with the plot of, ”My Name is Earl.” (minus the jail time, of course)

Anyhoo…here’s the gist of what I am trying to say…

Rejoice! Rejoice! Everything is as it should be! (attributed to The Buddha)

Or, as we say around my house, ”Sometimes it just be that way.”

With that, dear souls, I wish you the bestest of New Years. Life is weird for all of us, and apparently it’s not going to level out anytime soon. My suggestion to you is that you live each day to the fullest, get some rest, and remember that you’re a magical unicorn made of amazing things.

Much love,

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